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One in five people in Australia have some form of disability. For this reason, All-in Play’s wheelchair accessible AirJumpers™ have been designed to promote inclusion in public

Allowing all people to participate in recreational activities is important for communities, especially children. Using more than one AirJumper™ allows them to play the same activity in unison which has positive benefits. Likewise, it allows family / carers and wheelchair users to join in the same recreational activity together.

Occupying minimal space, they can be easily added to existing or included with new playground designs. The reinforced mats are made from repurposed material that is exceptionally durable with lifespans of over twenty years.

The only Australian designed, manufactured and assembled product of this type on the market, which allows shorter lead times compared to imports.

Suitable for public playgrounds, schools and childcare centres, hotels, resorts, campgrounds, caravan parks and outdoor areas generally.

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