Aquafil 2100mm Refill Station and Drinking Fountain

C1500 Aquafil Drinking Fountain
Aquafil Pulse Senior Refill Station

The Aquafil 2100 water bottle refill station and drinking fountain is a robust, vandal resistant compact water bottle refilling station and drinking fountain with a strong stainless steel internal structure that is a great water bottle refilling station solution for playgrounds, schools and kindergartens, universities and colleges, parks, sporting facilities, golf courses and beaches.

The additional height increases the refilling station visibility and graphics display area allowing for more messages, branding or potential advertising opportunities.

This water bottle refilling station is a very strong unit that is ideal for virtually any public purpose.

Aquafil 2100 Refill Station and Drinking Fountain Features:

  • 2 stainless steel, anti-bacterial bulk refill dispensers (one on each side of the unit)
  • wheelchair accessible stainless steel easy on water fountain
  • full colour graphics 
  • easy remove panel for simple filter changing
  • galvanised steel structure
  • marine grade anodised alumnimum unit housing
  • anti-graffiti protection on graphics
  • wheelchair accessible filling point
  • vandal resistant

Aquafill 2100 Refill Station Optional Extras:

  • optional sub-floor drainage
  • optional sub-floor drainage with dog bowl
  • optional filtered water unit
  • optional A4 changeable display module for posters
  • optional inbuilt water meter to record usage
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